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Fixing Windows Registry with Linux

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

It is possible to now do M$ Windows Registry editing without having to boot into Windows.

This is extremely useful when there are glitches in the Windows Registry that prevents it from booting up properly even when in Safe Mode.

With this tip, Linux can rescue the Windows System by removing malicious registry entries and even perform password reset for Windows Administrators account.

Source : LifeHacker : Fix the Windows Registry from a Linux Thumb Drive

Relocating windows buttons in Ubuntu themes

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Much has been discussed recently over the location of windows buttons [ Maximize, Minimize, Close. etc ] in the upcoming release of Ubuntu Lucid [10.04].

Two school of thoughts in argument over if Ubuntu should look more like “Windows” or should it emulate the “Mac” when it comes to the window buttons placement…

At SGLNX, we shall quell this rhetorical debate….. by letting the users decide what to put on the top-left or the top-right for every window in Ubuntu. The solution is actually simple and a no-brainer.


Canonical To port iTunes And Photoshop To Ubuntu

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Ubuntuforums had an official post from Canonical asking users to submit recommended apps in a survey site.

In the survey, a preselected list of apps for voting includes closed-sourced applications such as ITunes, Photoshop, Spotify and Pandora.

Would the upcoming Ubuntu distro include these applications if the demand is large enough? Will Canonical implementation be Wine-based of the popular applications originally created on only the Windows platform? Or will it be coded natively on Linux?

If these closed source apps are created originally for Windows, eg Apple’s ITunes and Adobe’s Photoshop, how is Canonical going to convince them to code for Linux?

Many argue the fact that opensource linux OS users aren’t a large significant market and therefore many paid apps are not developed for the linux platform. But the recent rise of popularity of Ubuntu and its variants may just shake up the market share of users on linux and attract such developers to write apps for the rising numbers of Linux users.

Source : WebUpd8 Canonical To Bring Closed Source Apps Like iTunes And Photoshop To Ubuntu?!?!.

SuperGamer: Open Source Linux Games Bootable on ISO

Monday, January 18th, 2010


1) is sick of dual booting just to play games using Windows?

2) Prefers not to corrupt hardened linux workstation with linux games?

3) Complains of not having enough games on linux?

Supergamer is a permanent fix if you answered YES to any of the question!

Fierce Looking Desktop Background

SuperGamer is a games oriented Live CD/DVD Linux OS. It has all the normal Linux desktop applications such as the Firefox Browser,, etc., but also has a great many native to Linux games added, as well as some demos of proprietary games.

Here is the list of games it comes pre-installed with :

Quake Wars
Doom 3
Unreal Tournament
Quake 4
Savage 2
Postal 2
Enemy Territory
Penumbra Black Plague
Urban Terror
Soldier Of Fortune
True Combat
America’s Army
Drop Team
Frets On Fire
Chromium B.S.U.
Mad Bomber
BZ Flag
Mega Mario
Super Tux

Download torrent here


Purchase the Live-DVD direct from On-Disk if you feel 8 gigabytes will take too long to download.

Source : Linux Journal

Or visit Supergamer website!

You might also wanna read up what Distrowatch has to say about the Supergamer linux distribution here.

Linux drivers for Broadcom HD Video Accelerator

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Broadcom has recently released its driver source code for their HD Video Accelerator Mini PCI-E card.

Since the launch of this hardware to accelerate HD video playback on netbooks, only Windows drivers were supported.

Just days ago, they decided to release the source code for linux kernels 2.6.11 and higher.

Read the full article at Linux drivers for Broadcom HD Video Accelerator

Wine 1.1.35 Released

Monday, December 21st, 2009

More compatibility with native windows applications.

Source : LXer Linux News : Wine 1.1.35 Released.

Boot Windows in a “window” in Linux using VirtualBox

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Many of us grew up using DOS and eventually became the slaves of Windows and all its’ variants.

Converting to use the opensource operating systems such as Ubuntu, Mandriva, Moblin or Fedora means giving up some of the usual ways of computing we’d gotten so used to. Though there are similar applications in Linux performing the identical functions as the Windows counterparts, there are still some applications which are native to Windows and will not run on Linux.


Digium Asterisk in the News! VOIP good enough for Wall Street!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Asterisk is an opensource VOIP server system that works using the industrial standard SIP protocol.

It is owned and operated by Digium, a company whom’s main business is selling hardware DSP cards used for Asterisk VOIP servers. It was originally developed to be for use with linux systems and has now evolved to be useable of BSD, OSX and even the Windows platform. Besides the SIP protocol, it also supports H.323 and the MGCP protocols.

Asterisk can work with all IP phones that are compliant with the SIP protocol and besides voice, it is also able to do video over IP. Besides being a VOIP server, it can integrate with existing PBX and is able to handle instant messaging between clients and can be configured to include an IVR system. As a standalone system, it can replace most conventional PBXes in the office environment.

Though Asterisk has gain fame for amateur IP-PBX builders and VOIP hobbyists, it has not gain much recognition as a proper corporate solution. That is about to change. In the US of A, a solutions provider in New York, EUS Networks has launched an Asterisk telephony solution for hedge funds trading houses of Wall Street. It complies with major regulations such as the call control/ recording capabilities as required by various authorities such as the SarBox Act,  Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) and the Financial Industrial Regulatory Committee(FINRA).

If the solution can comply with the regulatory bodies and is supported by an establishment with more than 30 years of experience, why not opensource?

SGLNX believes that the biggest fear of using opensource is that there are no support from the product since it was not purchased from a supplier entity and thus no one is able to claim ownership of failures and be responsible for implementing an opensource system. In the case of EUS Networks, with their 30 years of experience, they have had countless successful integration of IP telephony systems in the recent years using Asterisk and is staking the entire company’s future on this opensource system. If they can have the faith to stake the future of their business on opensource, perhaps the solution is worth looking at.

Source : TheVarGuy : Asterisk VAR Wins on Wall Street

Get your wireless adapter working with NDISWRAPPER!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Much to linux users’ frustrations, many hardware and its specification’s labels do not endorse any support for linux.

While the folks at tries their best to include common and popular hardware drivers into the kernel, there are bound to be some left out. One of these hardware is wireless 802.11 wifi adapters. Due the various chipsets used by different vendors and manufacturers, some of them may not be supported by current kernels and thus causing distress to linux users whom have purchased these wifi cards and usb adapters.

There is a tool available that can make use of the Windows drivers that come with the wifi adapter and make the wireless adapter work in linux.


This tool is present on most popular linux distro repositories. Some distros even have a graphical user interface for this tool.

More info here

NDISWRAPPER on Wikipedia

Howto guide on LinuxQuestions

NDISWRAPPER on Debian Wiki

Using Ubuntu NDISGTK GUI to activate wireless cards :

SGLNX recommends noobs to learn how to use ndiswrapper.