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IE version 9 and they most probably still could not get it right this time

Friday, August 13th, 2010

At SGLNX, we regularly take a swing at M$ products for fun and laughter.

Mozilla Firefox at version 3,  Apple Safari at version 5, Micro$oft Internet Explorer at version 9!!!

9 major revisions and more to come from M$ for continual releasing unpolished products and software.

Source: Gizmodo, Internet Explorer 9 Beta Goes Live September 15 [IE9].

How Linux is going to save London Stock Exchange £10m a year

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The London Stock Exchange will be rolling out a new trading system in stages starting from September 2010.

This new system, Millennium Exchange, uses a combination of Linux with Oracle databases, will replace the existing “TradeElect” Microsoft’s .NET and SQL systems.

According to sources, the existing system suffered countless outages and failures which resulted in many embarassment to the LSE. The new Linux/Oracle system is said to be faster than the current Microsoft solution.

Another win for Linux!

Source : ComputerworldUK: Linux trading system to save London Stock Exchange £10m a year.

SGLNX firmly believes that if Linux is good enough
for a nation’s stock exchange,

It should be competent and secure enough for
any desktop user to use it as their main operating system.

Install MS office2007 on Ubuntu using PlayOnLinux

Friday, December 18th, 2009

From Linux Today

via Install MS office2007 on ubuntu using PlayOnLinux.

Well… If you really really really cannot work on Openoffice..

Microsoft succumbing and recognizing Linux as mainstream!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Bill’s company in Redmond, Washington stunned the opensource community when they shared driver source code to the linux kernel on 20th July 2009.

Microsoft submitted source code for 4 drivers which allows linux to run Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor technology. Up to 22,000 lines of code has been submitted and will likely be included in the next linux kernel version

A tsunamic surprise, for the opensource community, to see Microsoft, whom have fought so many civil public cases to protect its own interests, is bending and contributing source code out of its own free will. This act validates the rise of open source linux operating systems and shows that linux is recognized as an worthy adversary to commercial software giants such as Microsoft.

It was also added that Microsoft’s goal is to become a platform linux users could turn to

It is irony when 10 years ago, the exact opposite can be said about linux vs Microsoft.

Source : Network World