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SGLNX takes Moblin 2.1 for a spin! Part Two

Friday, November 13th, 2009

[Continued from Part One : SGLNX takes Moblin 2.1 for a spin]

The MSI Wind netbook was the platform used for installation of Moblin 2.1.

Installation was relatively easy. One has to make sure that the media or harddisk used is the correct media. Else, the primary OS residing in the PC’s harddisk may be deleted. To be safe, SGLNX advises those whom want to try the Moblin 2.1 to install it on a removable media such as a USB stick.


Boot up speed craze

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Fast booting aka “Instant On” is one of the most desirable feature for all PC users.

Apple using EFI is able to boot up in about 10 seconds in the Intel Macs.

More recently, the first batch Asus EEE 7″ netbooks running on a customized Xandros distribution is able to boot up in about 20 seconds.