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Affordable Linux touchscreen tablet running on AA batteries

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Norhtec has announced their new product, Gecko Info Pad.

Due for a November 2009 release, the “Gecko Info Pad” is basically a 8.9″ touchscreen tablet with Xcore (Vortex86 rebrand) processor. It is capable of running on 8xNiMH AA batteries. The processor is a x86 processor with power saving features of the ARM processor. According to Norhtec, this new tablet is able to run a variety of operating systems, including Windows XP, Linux and Windows CE.

On top of that, the manufacturer also said it will ship for about US$300 including an 8 gig SD card as flash storage and wifi connectivity.

Demo video as shown below

More touchscreen tablet products are in the news in hope of catching on popularity like the upcoming Apple’s tablet.
Opensource vs closedsource.

News source and specification of Gecko Pad :

SGLNX suggests that all upcoming mobile tablet devices should have the following features

3G/HSDPA connectivity built in
Long lasting operating time aka battery life
Fast boot kernel
Ease of typing [ie good typing user interface ]
Multi-touch capable touchscreens
Ambient light sensor for automatic LCD brightness
Support embedded Flash