You can help spread the word of opensource!


1) Share your story

Tell us how you wanted to try opensource.
Which commercialware/OS were you trying to replace?
Where did you find this opensource [ url ]?
Challenges in moving from commerialware/OS to opensource.
How making this move helped you or your organization?

2) Submit a recent article about opensource news

You can submit an interesting news you read on opensource on some magazines or websites that you had visited.

The article can be about new updates to opensource applications or operating systems. News on hardware based opensource OS,etc

3) Send us new hardware to review for linux benchmarking or linux useability

If you or your organization has new pre-release hardware and would like us to review it, we’d be most welcome to do a complete review based on open source computing.

4) Monetary contributions

Our webhosting fees totals to a small amount of less than S$200 per year. Still affordable to be privately funded by the owner of SGLNX. However, if a monetary contribution is received, we’d appreciate it. We still prefer information contribution over monetary contribution.

Submission of news and stories can be sent directly over email to

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