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Canonical To port iTunes And Photoshop To Ubuntu

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Ubuntuforums had an official post from Canonical asking users to submit recommended apps in a survey site.

In the survey, a preselected list of apps for voting includes closed-sourced applications such as ITunes, Photoshop, Spotify and Pandora.

Would the upcoming Ubuntu distro include these applications if the demand is large enough? Will Canonical implementation be Wine-based of the popular applications originally created on only the Windows platform? Or will it be coded natively on Linux?

If these closed source apps are created originally for Windows, eg Apple’s ITunes and Adobe’s Photoshop, how is Canonical going to convince them to code for Linux?

Many argue the fact that opensource linux OS users aren’t a large significant market and therefore many paid apps are not developed for the linux platform. But the recent rise of popularity of Ubuntu and its variants may just shake up the market share of users on linux and attract such developers to write apps for the rising numbers of Linux users.

Source : WebUpd8 Canonical To Bring Closed Source Apps Like iTunes And Photoshop To Ubuntu?!?!.

Wine 1.1.35 Released

Monday, December 21st, 2009

More compatibility with native windows applications.

Source : LXer Linux News : Wine 1.1.35 Released.

Install MS office2007 on Ubuntu using PlayOnLinux

Friday, December 18th, 2009

From Linux Today

via Install MS office2007 on ubuntu using PlayOnLinux.

Well… If you really really really cannot work on Openoffice..

Boot Windows in a “window” in Linux using VirtualBox

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Many of us grew up using DOS and eventually became the slaves of Windows and all its’ variants.

Converting to use the opensource operating systems such as Ubuntu, Mandriva, Moblin or Fedora means giving up some of the usual ways of computing we’d gotten so used to. Though there are similar applications in Linux performing the identical functions as the Windows counterparts, there are still some applications which are native to Windows and will not run on Linux.


Wine 1.1.25 development version ready for the download

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

WINE, the application in linux that allows the user to run Windows programs, has been updated with latest “development” version 1.1.25.

Some notable bugfixes are..
World of Warcraft sound fix
Eve Online textures fix
OpenGL related virtual memory exhaustion fix
MS office phone activation fix

Hop over here for full list of fixes.

Click here to download the binaries for your desired linux distro

For those whom prefer the stable version Wine 1.0.1, it’s available here for download.

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