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SuperGamer: Open Source Linux Games Bootable on ISO

Monday, January 18th, 2010


1) is sick of dual booting just to play games using Windows?

2) Prefers not to corrupt hardened linux workstation with linux games?

3) Complains of not having enough games on linux?

Supergamer is a permanent fix if you answered YES to any of the question!

Fierce Looking Desktop Background

SuperGamer is a games oriented Live CD/DVD Linux OS. It has all the normal Linux desktop applications such as the Firefox Browser,, etc., but also has a great many native to Linux games added, as well as some demos of proprietary games.

Here is the list of games it comes pre-installed with :

Quake Wars
Doom 3
Unreal Tournament
Quake 4
Savage 2
Postal 2
Enemy Territory
Penumbra Black Plague
Urban Terror
Soldier Of Fortune
True Combat
America’s Army
Drop Team
Frets On Fire
Chromium B.S.U.
Mad Bomber
BZ Flag
Mega Mario
Super Tux

Download torrent here


Purchase the Live-DVD direct from On-Disk if you feel 8 gigabytes will take too long to download.

Source : Linux Journal

Or visit Supergamer website!

You might also wanna read up what Distrowatch has to say about the Supergamer linux distribution here.

Nice 2-D Linux Game, Aquaria [ Free full download for 2009 ]

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Independent game publisher, Bit Blot, has released their public beta of the linux port of Aquaria.

Originally released commercially for Windows and Mac platforms, this game is now downloadable for “free” to all linux users.
Free full version available for download only until January 2010!

The game, Aquaria, has won some awards and gets praises for its intuitive gameplay and graphics.

More description of the game here.

See video of gameplay below!

Download before 2009 ends to get the free Full version of Aquaria!

Now who says gaming isn’t for linux users?

Thanks for [News Source]

PS : If you are having problems with the display resolution resulting in your monitor/LCD not being to support and showing a blank screen, open terminal mode

Press “Ctrl-Alt-F1″ on your keyboard

Login with your username and password and Stop GDM

sudo stop gdm
sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop

Copy the default-1.xml over to the Aquaria settings/preference folder as usersettings.xml [ overwriting the original]

cp ~/aquaria/default-1.xml ~/.Aquaria/preferences/usersettings.xml

Edit the xml file

nano ~/.Aquaria/preferences/usersettings.xmlusersettings.xml

Edit the video section so that full screen mode is disabled, set to 16bits mode, turn off framebuffer and turn resolution to 1024×768.

<ScreenMode resx=”1024″ resy=”768″ bits=”16″ fbuffer=”0″ full=”0″ vsync=”1″ darkfbuffer=”1″ darkbuffersize=”256″ />

Start GDM again

sudo start gdm
sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start

This time the game will run in windowed mode. Change the video settings within the game until it works to your desire.
Or you could also manually adjust the parameters within the ~/.Aquaria/preferences/usersettings.xml file