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Android vs iPhone Parody Picture on Flash Development

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

This picture was seen at CNET’s REHASHPLUS Blog

For those whom are oblivious to what the above poster meant…

Here are some clues.

Android seems to be friendlier than its fruity competitor.

Adobe ceases efforts to bring Flash to IPhone

Adobe says bye to Apple, goes to Android

Adobe Flash Project Manager gives up on IPhone Packager

Adobe Ditching Flash for the IPhone

I think we get the point.

Yay for Android, Nay for IPhone.

Maemo + Moblin = Meego

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Meego is an operating system framework which is collaborated by both Nokia and Intel, combining their efforts from Maemo and Moblin respectively.

It is opensource and a large part of this framework focuses on the user interface, which is mainly large icons with an easy point & click user navigation interface. The outlook of the interface resembles most of what Intel have had for Moblin.


WAMMU & GAMMU to manage Nokia, Erricson, Siemens and other mobile phones

Monday, September 7th, 2009

This round, we are going to introduce a little known application that compliments the cellphone.

For all users, this application allows the linux OS to integrate their use of the cellphone with linux.

GAMMU, and it’s GUI version aka WAMMU, allows the linux user to to connect to their cellphones from their linux desktop/laptop to do the following functions:



  • Backup and synchronize contacts
  • Backup and synchronize SMS/MMS
  • Backup and synchronize calendar
  • Backup and synchronize pictures/files
  • Backup and synchronize todo list/notes
  • Send out SMS/MMS from desktop to single/multiple recipients
  • Make and receive phone calls

Connectivity can be via wired usb/serial connections or via bluetooth connectivity.

More information and supported phone list below:

Suggested reading list below

Gammu/Wammu is available on the following platforms